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                         GREYS GX700 REELS GREYS GX700 REELS

The stunning GX700, with its anodized aluminium frame construction and unique Greys Fly Line Identification System is set to become a new high standard for a cassette fly reels. Supplied complete with two additional spools, the GX700 allows the angler to organise their lines in a clear and sensible way - with the option of purchasing further low cost spools.

The GX700 spools are also fully interchangeable with the GX500 reel of equivalent size.

Price: 9.99 to 99.99

        Hardy Ultralite CLS  Fly Reels Hardy Ultralite CLS Fly Reels

It's a practical, reliable cassette reel with a stunning aesthetic design and more importantly price point. The Ultralite reel includes the Hardy Line ID system - which utilises moveable, reuseable pins to mark the line type. Neater than marker pen, more reliable than stickers, and best of all can be changed when you change your line. So essentially this eliminates having to remember which line is on the reel - which frequently happens when you regularly change lines.


Price: 9.99 to 219.00


A narrow width, large arbour design fly reel for fast, level retrieve, the GX500 also features a unique system of friction fit identification pins. The Line ID system allows you to clearly mark the spool with line size, density, sink profile and core type, so you can select the correct line at a glance.

Ported arbour design and a superb Greys drag system makes this a tough but extremely light reel. 4/5/6 and 6/7/8 weights.


Price: 9.99 to 49.99

   Hardy Ultralite DD Series Fly Reels Hardy Ultralite DD Series Fly Reels

The Ultra light DD range of fly reels combines the legendary strength of Hardy fly reel design into a new Ultra large Arbor, lightweight design that is both supremely practical and aesthetically stunning.


Price: 249.00 to 299.00

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